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Cam Miller


After successful global careers as an engineer and J.P. Morgan investment banker, I co-founded what has twice been UK Babywear Brand of the Year.

As Chief Growth Officer I led our growth towards 8-figure sales and a community of over 200k, along the way winning the Deloitte Innovation and Entrepreneurship Founder Award and becoming a finalist for UK Retail Entrepreneur of the Year 🏆

I also represented our business at 500 Startups’ prestigious 4-month long Silicon Valley accelerator programme, pitching on stage to over 400 investors and gaining our business the rank of 6/42 out of our batch of the world’s highest growth startups!

While employing rigorous growth fundamentals learned in Silicon Valley helped me transform our startup with 60% month-on-month sales growth, even more growth was realised as I started to apply the same fundamental principles for growing fast myself personally and professionally!

Since selling out of my babywear business a few years ago, I’ve gone on to help over 200 professionals and businesses to create incredible growth, developing in the process a simple, intuitive and inspiring framework and set of tools and processes for helping any professional or business to do the same.

the cam miller difference

The most impactful knowledge & tools!

Eliminate complexity & uncertainty with my intuitive 4-pillar framework & toolkit that puts the 10 most fundamental & powerful tools for growth at your full disposal!

The 4 Pillars

Simple, easy & fun implementation!

Remove indecision by following proven step-by-step guided processes for professionals & businesses that make it simple, easy & fun to create rapid growth!

Growth curve

My foremost professional passion and expertise is implementation. Up until 2014, I had great education and knowledge, but never got the professional or business growth I knew I was capable of. It seemed like there was a growth ceiling above me that I could not break through. 

When I learned how to use the right framework and guidance to direct me to the right tools and right ways of implementing them, growth in business and life came quickly and in abundance for me and all those I worked with!


I’ve helped over 200 professionals & entrepreneurs to create incredible growth!


Whether you’re a growth-minded professional, solopreneur or business leadership team, I have a proven step-by-step process for helping you to quickly & enjoyably realise more of your goals! It starts with a series of FREE calls to see whether there’s a fit between you, me, & my growth processes & tools.

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I can also help transform the growth of your community, through speaking engagements & interviews, such as for podcasts!

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