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Cam Miller


In 2012 I thought I’d soon be leading an incredible life, having gained a coveted job at a top investment bank after business school, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The 24/7 nature of the role meant that I lost the freedom to hang out with my friends and family, to pursue love and my passions, and to look after my physical and mental health – which eventually led me to the hospital emergency department.

Fortunately my emergency department visit was a wakeup call for me, and I’ve since been passionately developing the skills, habits and leverage needed to create and sustain incredible health, fitness, relationships, productivity and impact in my life. This enabled me to found what has twice been voted babywear brand of the year in the UK.

Now I’m pursuing my passion for helping others and have the freedom to do what I love, with the people I love, when I like. I’m finally truly leading the INCREDIBLE life I always desired, and it’s my mission to help others to gain the skills and leverage they need to do the same!


I’ve helped over over 200 talented employees and entrepreneurs worldwide to take their careers and lives from good to great, and on to INCREDIBLE!


If you’re at all dissatisfied with your work, income, financial freedom or life, I offer very unique coaching and learning programmes that unlike all other coaches, podcasts, books and courses, provide all the tools, systems, structure, guidance and accountability you need to rapidly take your income, financial freedom, career and life from good to INCREDIBLE!

11 step framework

A powerful and intuitive 11 step framework & tools for your journey!

Short videos and emails

Short guiding videos & emails to make it simple, easy & fun to progress!

1:1 video coaching, accountability & support

Video coaching, accountability, support & community each step of the way!


I can help your tribe to lead INCREDIBLE careers & lives through speaking engagements & interviews, such as for Podcasts!

Event speaking
Event speaking
Clarity ebook

Discover the 8 keys to immediately boosting your career now!


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