2 Mega Learnings From Teaching Practice

Pivotal learnings from the last decade 5/5 🙏

In this last video on my pivotal learnings from the second decade of this millennium, I draw everything together and share two mega learnings I’ve gained from helping over 140 people with their practices in business and life!

  1. Put your trust in YOUR practice – Don’t put all your trust in gurus, the next big thing, that new hack, a new programme, a podcast, a book… Or in all of these things together even. One thing you can and should put as much trust in as possible is your practice. Putting your trust in your practice, is about putting your trust in your process of learning new skills and behaviours. It’s therefore about putting your trust in you!
  2. Stack the deck of change in YOUR favour – Change is hard. The latest research shows it takes 66-240 days to make a habit (a permanent behavioural change), while research by Strava shows we typically only maintain new practices (which eventually lead to habit building) for 12 days or less. Therefore, it’s necessary that you overcome these odds by adding advantages to your ‘life stack’ that put the odds of change permanently in your favour!

Video transcript 🗣

The following is the full transcript of this video. Please note that to connect as much as possible with you and my broader audience, my videos are filmed unscripted and in one take. Enjoy!

This is the final video in my series on my pivotal learnings from this last decade. In the last video, I covered my discovery of practice and its ability to create all the change that I desired in myself and in my life, and, that it helped me become the man that I always knew I could become. In this video, I want to cover what I’ve learned helping others to use the tool of practice to create the change they seek in their lives too!

At this time, I’ve worked with over 140 people from around the globe, many peak performers from different areas of life. And I’ve learned a couple of things from this journey that will help you create the change that you want to see in your life.

The two learnings are 1) to trust in practice itself which is really, really pivotal, and 2) to stack the deck in favour of the change you want to see in your life. 

So first, why trust in practice? It’s very important because in our culture, in our society, and around the personal growth industry, there’s a lot of mistrust around the ability to create change. And, as I outlined in the last video, there’s good reason for this.

It normally takes about 66 days of concerted practice to achieve permanent habitual lasting change and research shows that we’re typically only able to sustain new practices for about 12 days

It’s therefore crucial to know that the reason you find it difficult to create change in your life is not your fault – you’ve been born into society and culture which makes change very difficult!

This difficulty cam about in part because of the industrial revolution, which required people to be a part of the industrial machine, to be mechanistic, and to conform. The system didn’t want people changing too much, being too creative, having too many different ideas.

And so a schooling system emerged around and for the industrial system. And while industry and education are evolving, they’re still primary reasons for where we’re at with respect to creating change in ourselves and our lives presently.

So, we individually and collectively, find it difficult to change. Having now spoken with over a thousand individuals about change and practice, it very evident that there’s much mistrust around these things and a good deal of fear. After-all, I’m sure everyone has tried and failed to change before. People innately desire to create change, to create ‘better’ for themselves, for their lives. They want to live out their dreams. But to some degree, all have experienced a level of failure with respect to change efforts, and have associated hurt, sadness and mistrust.

The reality is that all the great information that comes from gurus, programmes, books, podcasts etc. won’t lead to the change you seek unless you put it into practice. And so what I say is to be sure to put your trust in practice itself. Practice is our innate ability to change. You only have to look at babies to see that they come into the world being really good at practice and creating change. They use practice to learn to crawl, to talk, to eat. You only have to look at the joy you see in young kids when they’re practicing sport. And you only have to think about the joy you experienced yourself when you practice the important things in your life. When you practice positivity, when you practice intimacy towards your partner, when you practice exercise. When you’re doing these things, when you’re practicing, it feels great, because you’re getting a glimpse of the wonders associated with the change that you seek, because you’re getting a little glimpse of that change through your practice. 

And so trust in practice itself – it’s the age-old tool of change. You only have to look at apes to see how they can create and use tools through practice, and that, as human beings, it’s through practice that we learned to create fire, to cook, and all such wonders of our existence that we now typically take for granted.

So practice is this age old trustworthy tool for change. And you should see practice as the primary tool you need to create the change you really desire in yourself and your life. And so I encourage you to trust in practice, to regain your hope for change in your life, to reconnect with your dreams, your desires, and to use practice to realise them!

The second key learning that I’ve discovered is that, as our society makes change challenging, you want to stack the deck of change in your favour. That is, to add to your deck of life any advantage that is going to help you to sustain your practice of change over the longer term. 

As the skill of practice is the skill of acquiring skills, it itself consists of many sub-skills. For example, the skill of focus is a really important sub-skills of practice. Focus being the ability to not divide your attention towards something – especially as distraction is something that is quite prolific in our society at the moment. So being focused, being calm, being centered are all sub-skills of practice. Discipline is really important too. To practice discipline over the need for the instant gratification – again something which is prolific in our society. Creativity is an important skill for practice. Accountability is a really important skill for practice. Practicing with others greatly helps our practice also.

Each time you improve a sub-skill of practice, you are increasing your skill for practice and change. And, the idea is to just keep stacking the skills deck in your favour until you create, as I described in the previous video, that bridge between who you are now and who you want to be in the future – that permanent bridge of practice that you can walk all of the different practices of life over.

Also keep finding and celebrating the joy in your practice too. People that become really great at something, have found the joy in their practice of that area – whether it’s music or sport. The Olympian for example, is really the individual that has practiced that sport the best, that has understood what it is to practice that more than anybody else, but in particular, what’s propelled them to that point of understanding is the joy and the love they found for their practice of that sport itself.

So find the joy, find the love, stack the deck of change in your favour, trust, practice. These things will help propel you towards the change you want to see in your life!

Thank you for joining me on this series. As I highlighted in the first video, I wanted to do something new and different by just getting on camera and not having planned what I wanted to say, but just sharing from the heart my journey over the last decade and some of the key learnings that I’ve achieved as a result. If you have any questions about anything I’ve shared, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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