Learning to Trust Your Intuition

Pivotal learnings from the last decade 1/5 ๐Ÿ™

This is the first of 5 videos where I share my biggest breakthroughs in business and life from 2010-2020.

Learning to hone, trust and follow my intuition, especially when faced with key decisions in business and life, has become one of my most valuable skills. But I learned this skill the hard way by not being aware of, ignoring, or not having the strength to follow my intuition when making big decisions. This led me down some very costly and painful paths in my career and life. In this video I share some examples of the mistakes I made, so you can hone your intuition and let it guide and propel you towards your ideal self and life!

Video transcript ๐Ÿ—ฃ

The following is the full transcript of this video. Please note that to connect as much as possible with you and my broader audience, my videos are filmed unscripted and in one take. Enjoy!

We’re coming to the end of a decade and I wanted to do something new and different myself here by recording a few videos around my journey over the last decade, particularly focusing on some of the big, pivotal learnings that I’ve had over this last decade which have helped me to get to where I am, and which might help you with your own journey going forward.

10 years ago, I was living in Paris, France – a long held aspiration of mine. I’d wanted to learn French in high school, but the rational decision I was guided towards was to learn Indonesian instead. Because Indonesia was going to be the next big business partner of my home country Australia.

So while I learned Indonesian through high school, the very first company I worked for out of university was a French company. And, I was on my managers from day one to expatriate me to the head office, and after three years they did. So the first country I lived in after Australia, was France – boy would’ve a good knowledge of French been useful!

Not long after moving to France though, I realised that engineering wasn’t for me, that the work itself wasn’t what really lit me up, so I started looking at other opportunities. I came across the concept of doing an MBA and I got into an MBA programme in London, a really good one at London Business School.

I had a plan to do investment banking and maybe private equity after that. However, once I got onto campus, like a lot of people there, a lot of my fellow MBAs, I started looking at other career options too, such as consulting.

However, it was actually entrepreneurship and the classes around it that really lit me up. And, I realise now that it’s important to take heed of the things that create excitement and joy in our lives, because they’re powerful predictors of where future excitement and joy lies!

However, the competitive application process for the prestigious investment banking roles, the money, everything… I got caught up in that really in hindsight, and secured an internship for a prestigious American investment bank.

I went on and pursued full-time employment in banking, as I enjoyed the internship enough and there were enough opportunities going forward, including a sign-on bonus of 30,000 pounds – a lot of money for an MBA student at the time when I’d invested a lot of money in learning! But also a two month training programme in New York that would follow my permanent starting, which I was really quite excited about as well.

So I joined the investment bank when I completed my degree after going on a couple of adventures beforehand. I did an ironman triathlon in Nice, which was pretty spectacular, but I also went over to NYU Stern, a business school over in New York, and studied there for a few months. It was a wonderful experience, but actually it started lighting up those boxes again around entrepreneurship. And I was left feeling just before starting on my investment banking career… Had I made the right decision… I’d made the rational, the smart money decision… Everybody said yep, that really makes sense… That’s what you should do… A big company man advised me to go out and get trained by a big company before I did anything entrepreneurial… So everything rationally was pointing me in the direction of investment banking.

But I did have these feelings, like, is this the right thing for me… Might I experience more joy, happiness, fulfilment etc. somewhere else… But I didn’t have enough understanding of myself and my intuition at that stage to forge a more aligned career path…. So I made the rational decision and decided to give investment banking a try, and I want to share the experience of what happened next and the learnings that I gained in the next video.

I hope you can join me for the next video and please reach out going forward if I can be helpful in any way. I’d love to hear from you and, and what you have to say about this or anything else I’m sharing. Okay. Ciao for now!

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