Many people dream of starting their own businesses. Most though, let their fears stop them from taking the critical first steps into entrepreneurship. In this first interview, I talk with Pigeonhole founder and CEO Johann Kim about his journey into entrepreneurship. Let his story of transforming from a university student with a side hustle to a fearless entrepreneur who jumped in with two feet when opportunities were presented to him, inspire you 💗

He shares how he grew his business in a matter of months, became one of the first entrepreneurs in Australia to do pop-up shops, what costs he had to pay for the fast growth of this business, and what his plans are during the pandemic and beyond. His thoughts and tips may just make you overcome your own fears and inspire you to take that plunge to become incredible!

  • Imbibing family beliefs and traditions (00:40)
  • When life throws unexpected opportunities at you (04:37)
  • There is incredible power in writing things down and having a clear vision (07:44)
  • Recalibrating to find out what you truly want to do in life (11:44)
  • Importance of doing good by the people you work with (13:39)
  • You should never forget why you’re doing something (16:25)
  • Pursuing your passion and putting everything on Plan A (18:15)
  • Steps in establishing that first store (23:20)
  • It’s okay to start small with what you have on hand (30:40)
  • Building on your first entrepreneurial steps to expand your business (33:35)
  • When you reach a point of overwhelm but life keeps giving you opportunities (39:08)
  • When your plans fall through and you need to adjust to keep your momentum (46:00)
  • The costs and responsibilities of growing a business fast (55:08)
  • Johann’s brands in the time of the pandemic (1:01:58)
  • Recalibrating plans for the future (1:12:21)
  • Summarizing Johann’s journey (1:15:57)


In this first interview on the INCREDIBLE with Cam Miller podcast, I’m interviewing Johann Kim. Johann is a school friend of mine and was a musical prodigy from a young age. He studied law at university but in parallel, he started making jewellery with a friend. And he went on to do something that I didn’t have the conviction or the courage to do, and that was to start his own business straight out of university. He’s since gone on to open up stores across Australia at an incredible rate. If you want to learn how to harness the power of belief, how to make a start in entrepreneurship and how to achieve rapid success, then this episode is for you.



There is a guide that accompanies this podcast at, which has helpful insights, diagrams, images, a poster and a template to help you apply what you learn from the podcast – so that you’re not just getting INCREDIBLE knowledge and entertainment, but also the INCREDIBLE results you really desire most!

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