Life is a challenge. But when you are eager to expose yourself to new experiences and face each challenge head on, you can craft a life you love. 

Today’s Incredible guests are Cris and Rafael, twins and owners of Golden West Brew Co. We delve into how they created a healthy dynamic both in life and in business and how they took on new challenges and opportunities to take their business from great to incredible!

Join us as we uncover the knowledge, tools and skills they used that took their business from good to great to incredible!


  • Changing one’s key focus (2:20)
  • The power of self-belief (4:17)
  • Finding a helpful dynamic through a partner in life or career (6:59)
  • Working in new environments (9:44)
  • Life is a challenge (10:29)
  • Chasing your weaknesses to success (13:46)
  • Eagerness to be exposed to new things (14:12)
  • Taking on new challenges and opportunities (16:39)
  • Becoming financially independent (19:17)
  • Business adjustments through COVID-19 (23:09)
  • Structuring your operations to meet the market demand (25:19)
  • Expansion for your business (29:45)
  • Tools to maintain work and life balance (30:58)
  • Maintaining a healthy mind (31:57)



In this episode, I’m interviewing Cris and Rafael Moreno. They’re good friends of mine who I met while abroad as an expatriate engineer. While they just scraped into their double degrees at university, a shift in their mindset enabled them to finish with first class honours. And they’ve been on the fast track to engineering success ever since rising to manage teams in the 1000s and billion dollar projects. Despite both having young families they’ve also managed to found a beer brand and Golden West Brewing Co, which is winning awards and proving a breakout success. If you want to learn how to create a success mindset if you want to learn how to rise at the fastest possible rate in your career, if you want to learn how to start a highly enjoyable and exciting business on the side, then this podcast episode is for you.


There is a guide that accompanies this podcast at, which has helpful insights, diagrams, images, a poster and a template to help you apply what you learn from the podcast – so that you’re not just getting INCREDIBLE knowledge and entertainment, but also the INCREDIBLE results you really desire most!

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