Everything we go through has a reason. When we experience trauma, we can either let it define us or use it to become a stronger and better version of ourselves. 

In this episode, we get to speak with Holistic Health Practitioner and Trauma Recovery Specialist, Michelle Powell on how trauma affects each one differently and how we can overcome emotional trauma. 

There’s not just one definition of trauma. It is not black and white.

To really create lasting change from trauma to happiness requires deep work, patience, proactivity and the right connections to help us find our way back to our most authentic selves.


  • Edutainment: Education + Entertainment (4:26)
  • Michelle’s Holistic expertise background (6:00)
  • Factors that differentiate successful people who maintain and get results (13:10)
  • The best factors to define success (13:35)
  • Building long-term happiness (13:58)
  • Life constantly ebbs and flows (15:15)
  • Consistency and kindness to yourself (15:35)
  • Enjoying the journey (15:45)
  • The importance of consistency (16:10)
  • Self-care and self-nurturing equals being true to yourself (17:05)
  • Trust in people (18:53)
  • Everything has a reason for happening (19:49)
  • Trauma is not black and white (21:53)
  • Acknowledging what is traumatic to you (22:40)
  • Emotions and our reactions are real (23:05)
  • Peak performing people seek feedback and guidance (28:00)
  • Don’t always wait for people to tell you that they aren’t doing okay (34:00)
  • Checking in with people from a whole-hearted space (34:39)
  • Choose who you speak to wisely (37:17)
  • Having open conversations around mental health issues (44:19)
  • Finding your genuine happy self (53:00)


  • Learn the 5 strategies you can implement this week to start feeling good and moving forward – The Courage To Heal (52:23)




On this third interview on The INCREDIBLE with Cam Miller podcast, I’m interviewing Michelle power. Michelle is an internationally recognised holistic health practitioner and she’s been in the wellness game since 2003. She’s trained the rich and famous on the exclusive Hamilton Island Resort on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. She’s also the author of the Three Times Bestseller the mastery of wellness and she specialises in trauma recovery. With a strong focus on the totality of wellness care. Michelle takes people all the way from their lowest lows to being genuinely happy. If you want to understand why trauma is something we all experience and carry with us. If you want to learn how to free yourself from trauma to open your heart and mind to genuine happiness and success. If you want to help friends and family to do the same, then this episode is for you.

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