In this episode I’m interviewing Mathew Pound. Matt is a childhood friend of mine who decided during high school that investing in his social skills and network would be the keys to his success.

After spending time working in and promoting bars and nightclubs in London and Australia, and collaborating with me on some early hobby social events, Matt got into the event business properly – creating some wildly successful events and pop-up bars, before co-founding what was the first in the now large chain of Varsity Bars across Perth, Western Australia.

If you want to learn how to use your intuition to guide you to success in your career, if you want to learn how to get started in business and how to scale a business empire, then this episode is for you!

  • If you’re going to progress, you’ve got to put yourself out there! (8:20)
  • Find a working lifestyle that you enjoy (9:56)
  • Seek transformative international experiences (12:00)
  • The importance of strong relationships and partnerships, and making a start (18:54)
  • The dangers of following a logical rational career path that is out of alignment with one’s heart (20:42)
  • Banking, being stuck in an office, behind a till ‘killed me’ (22:30)
  • First forays into business and starting for real (23:46)
  • You know you’re an entrepreneur when other people ask for help starting their businesses (26:05)
  • The importance of service-led self-promotion (30:15)
  • Weekly club promotion as a way to generate steady reliable income (33:02)
  • The first 5k followers on Facebook (36:53)
  • The importance of having a way to communicate with your clients (38:46)
  • The challenges of mixing alcohol, late nights and the entrepreneurial journey (41:04)
  • The move into venues and starting Varsity Bar (44:33)
  • Word spreads quickly if you know the right people on university campuses (52:18)
  • Family friendliness is a big trend as it helps venue and event environments to self-regulate (53:37)
  • Experimenting with a new concept – Fenway (55:38)
  • The Varsity App (58:19)
  • Plans for 2021 and beyond (58:57)
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