Kyra is a freediver, instructor and entrepreneur of international renown, who was forced to leave school at an early age.

She found her feet quickly with an apprenticeship in hairdressing, which she still loves doing along with yoga teaching, while her young freediving business grows in step with the sport’s red hot popularity – due to the stunning experiences and imagery it offers!

If you’d like to learn how to craft a diverse passion-filled career, if you’d like to learn how to get your own passion-led business off the ground, or if you’d simply like to learn about the incredible sport of freediving and how you can get into it – then this episode is for you!


  • Early signs of inclinations towards freediving, entrepreneurship (02:24)
  • A freediving course ignited a latent passion (04:17)
  • Building on a natural strength (04:56)
  • Finding love in a partner who also had a love for the water (05:43)
  • Early finish to school led to hairdresser apprenticeship, trade to fall back on a safety net, combination worked well with freediving (06:47)
  • First visits to Exmouth, North West of Australia, hairdressing primary income stream, career diversity and enjoyment (09:17)
  • From passion, to passion and profession, Koh Tao Thailand freediver and teacher training courses (10:56)
  • Turning intention into reality immediately, seizing the moment / momentum (12:00)
  • The rise of freediving as a sport (14:05)
  • The influence of social media on photogenic activities such as freediving (17:05)
  • Freediving as the closest thing to meditating without meditating, freeing mind and body (17:35)
  • From one of many teachers of beginners, to one of few instructor trainers, to one of even fewer business owners (18:12)
  • About Exmouth, Western Australia, a near shore freediving paradise (21:25)
  • Salty Hearts Freediving, beginner to instructor courses, integration with yoga (22:37)
  • Three steps to achieving freediving zen: knowledge, technique, and then flow (24:52)
  • The critical importance of avoiding hyperventilation in or around water, and what to do instead to increase your breath holds (27:12)
  • Salty Hearts beginner freediving course perfect for absolute beginner to advanced water people due to small group sizes (30:20)
  • The importance of finding instructors with deep passion and knowledge (31:57)
  • Business acumen can be built over time if you create the opportunity for this (32:24)
  • Key challenges in setting up Salty Hearts Freediving, laws and regulations (33:07)
  • Tapping into an existing marketing need and supportive community (34:20)
  • Marketing, leveraging photography, creating momentos, word of mouth (34:32)
  • The importance of growing sustainably (37:16)
  • Leveraging social media and partnerships (37:52)
  • Freediving a very collaborative, social and safe experience (39:12)
  • When to visit Western Australia’s tourist hot spot, Exmouth (40:49)
  • The potential for you to discover a new passion in freediving (44:31)
  • Level II training, free falling, and line training (44:57)
  • In hindsight it should have been more obvious to Cam that he’d love freediving! (46:19)



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