Karolyn Zinetti

Karolyn started off working in naturopathy before becoming an air hostess with Emirates to follow a dream she had of travelling the world. After returning home four years later, she worked for a time in a lucrative pharmaceutical sales management role before discovering her mission to empower women to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams, which led her to start her own online business and personal brand.

Within 90 days, she was already living her dream lifestyle in Bali, marketing products and services online that led to sales in excess of $50,000 a month. She’s gone on to create the Courageous Leaders Podcast and Summits, which attract some of the brightest minds in the personal growth space.

If you want to learn how to craft a career which enables you to live out your dreams, if you want to learn how to discover your mission and turn your mess into your message, if you want to learn how to develop the belief and other skills needed for online business success and incredible freedom, then this episode is for you!


  • Following strengths and curiosities into a career in naturopathy (04:06)
  • Don’t overcomplicate health and fitness, master the basics (05:35)
  • Moving to London, seeing the world (06:42)
  • Unearthing a desire to see the world (08:26)
  • Emirates – getting paid to travel to the world and have incredible life experiences (09:06)
  • Being away from home builds experience, resilience, valuable skill for airlines (10:16)
  • Developing confidence and self belief working with different personalities and cultures every day (11:58)
  • Learning to never be late (13:25)
  • Invest in yourself through life experience and education (14:59)
  • Prepare and make your next move on your terms (16:55)
  • Finding a career path where you’re not simply exchanging time for money (17:48)
  • There’s always a deeper lesson, everything is happening for you (20:02)
  • Striking out on one’s own, staying challenged (20:46)
  • Discovering and aligning with one’s mission in life (22:30)
  • Take action and the universe will reward you (24:18)
  • The universe rewards people who have the courage to say yes to themselves (25:00)
  • Fail forward fast, build resilience (25:59)
  • What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve (26:27)
  • Your mess becomes your message (28:25)
  • Transcending the ego, fears and limiting beliefs (29:16)
  • It takes time to get clear on your mission, clarity grows as you act (32:16)
  • Believe in yourself, that your dreams can and will come true (32:48)
  • Using digital marketing, teachers, mentors to get your message out (33:34)
  • You’re worth it! Invest in learning and guidance to shave years off your dreams (33:49)
  • You are your brand (35:16)
  • Overcoming the fear of getting out their and promoting oneself (35:58)
  • Learn that it’s not about you (37:11)
  • You become who you surround yourself with (38:13)
  • Do everything with love (39:38)
  • Have clear communication and healthy boundaries (39:56)
  • Be ok with not pleasing others (40:23)
  • Honouring your commitments, especially to yourself (41:26)
  • Integrity, trusting ourselves and our ability to handle any outcome first (43:02)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of social media (44:31)
  • Developing a wealth mindset (45:52)
  • Entrepreneurship as a tool for knowing oneself, we attract what we are (46:42)
  • Living the dream, moving to Bali within 90 days of starting her online business and personal brand (48:24)
  • Your pain becomes your power (49:44)
  • What’s the best perspective? (51:05)
  • Your vision may be simpler and better than you think, spend the time to clarify it (52:38)
  • Not faking it until you make, but practicing it until you become it (55:01)
  • Confidence begets confidence, energy begets energy (57:06)
  • Overcoming people pleasing by gaining perspective on your life (58:33)
  • Current business activities, investments for 2021 (59:19)
  • Courageous Leaders Summit, female leader mastermind, retreats, podcast (1:01:13)



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