007 Dominique

The trauma of finding a stranger who’d committed suicide, led Dominique to start living life to the fullest and turn her candle making hobby into Esencias Australia – a wellness brand focused on packages that help people to create space for healing, rest and growth in their busy days and lives. 

If you want to learn how to find purpose in your trauma or trials. If you want to learn some huge shortcuts that will enable you to start a business while working full time. If you want to learn how to create a thriving brand. Then, this episode is for you!


  • Exploring many varied career paths to find the right one (02:11)
  • Completing a university degree but following an alternate career path (04:02)
  • The value in making career changes at the earliest opportunity (04:53)
  • Finding liberation and social freedom in a normal office job (08:00)
  • Retail and sales experience to help one see and relate to people as people (10:44)
  • Realising that a normal office role might not be your full purpose (12:29)
  • The value of hobbies and other creative outlets (13:13)
  • How creative outlets are very helpful during challenging times (15:18)
  • It’s not about products, but the experiences they create for people (15:41)
  • Challenging life events can spur one’s desire for helping others (16:02)
  • The importance of seeking help (17:12)
  • How trauma often marks the beginning of a high growth period in one’s life (18:07)
  • Seeking the support of others is a sign of strength not weakness (18:51)
  • Animals tend to be better at releasing trauma than humans (20:46)
  • Expect to feel uneasy when lots of change is afoot in your life (24:17)
  • Personal growth a key enabler of the entrepreneurs journey (25:53)
  • Cam’s experience creating time and space with products from Esencias (28:47)
  • Finding and defining your purpose (31:39)
  • Making it easy to remember to look after oneself (31:56)
  • Expect to have doubts when getting into business, but don’t let them rule you (34:23)
  • If I’d tried to launch this business on my own, there’s no way I could have done it!’ (35:00)
  • Have the doubt and channel it, find people who can do the things you can’t (36:01)
  • Find deeply aligned partner(s) who have a network of trusted partners (37:26)
  • How to craft a brand (40:11)
  • Build you business, product and personal brands together (46:03)
  • Crafting a business launch plan (47:44)
  • The importance of niche marketing, even if your business can and does serve a wide audience (53:17)
  • Authenticity as a key to social media (55:39)
  • Tackling wholesale and beyond (59:02)



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