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In this episode I’m talking with Ally Nitschke. Ally was a national ballet dancer before embarking on a thriving career in finance. Eventual burnout led her to change tack and work for government for a time, before striking out on her own as a leadership expert – all while raising four young children! Along the way Ally started the Made for More podcast, became host of the Overwhelm to Owning It radio show, and she’s now set to launch her first book, Rise of the Courageous Leader.

If you’d like to learn how to thrive in entrepreneurship while raising young children, or if you’d like to learn how to use courageous leadership to take your career or organisation to the next level, then this episode is for you!


  • Learning the value of dedication, hard work, tenacity, repetition, and pushing one’s limits through ballet (05:20)
  • Developing an bias for action (06:33)
  • Understanding what drives you (07:33)
  • Creating a high performance team (08:18)
  • Dealing with crises and toxic environments (09:00)
  • Leading in environments where ‘people hate your guts’ through rapport building and courageous conversations (09:30)
  • Getting coaching to develop leadership skills for overcoming adversity (10:45)
  • Learning real leadership through challenging times (11:30)
  • Using a ‘gratitude jar’ to build team solidarity (13:10)
  • The importance of focusing on the behaviours you want repeated (14:30)
  • We typically avoid tough conversations every 7 minutes in the workplace (16:58)
  • Why and how to use ‘generous assumption goggles’ (17:30)
  • A resume update the catalyst for moving into entrepreneurship (22:55)
  • Would a young me be proud of what I’m doing? Or was I made for more? (23:20)
  • Ask better questions, get better answers (26:27)
  • Feeling underutilised professionally (27:20)
  • Realising we can always choose to make a change (28:09)
  • Realising the desire to have one’s own business (31:11)
  • Self belief is something everyone butts up to regularly (33:58)
  • If others can, I can (35:06)
  • It’s essential to follow others well, don’t reinvent the wheel (36:36)
  • Take the time to learn business basics (37:55)
  • What is moving the needle in my business? (38:55)
  • Focus on 1-2 specific types of clients initially (39:50)
  • How do you deal with the mental load of having it all? (40:35)
  • Five top leadership tips: use generous assumption goggles, begin with end in mind, practice the art of meditation, address mental load, consistently develop your communication skills (41:59)
  • The Sunday night ‘life admin’ meeting (45:35)
  • The Rise of the Courageous Leader book (48:33)



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