P011 - Mathew Galt

Matt was born into a life of poverty and crime, where many of his peers ended up in jail.

Matt used growth tools, like crafting a vision for his life, to transcend his situation and eventually rise to the top of business in Australia.

Matt now helps business owners to leverage the tools of vision, traction and health, to break through the growth ceilings they face and realise all new levels of success.

If you’d like to overcome your challenges and realise your growth potential in business and life then this episode is for you!


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses (04:11)
  • Optimise your growth by balancing your physical, mental and spiritual lives (05:45)
  • Live with a feeling of abundance in life by developing the right perspective (07:23)
  • How to transcend challenging situations like poverty, abuse and crime (09:17)
  • Seek the wisdom of mentors before making big decisions (13:22)
  • Keep opening your mind by putting yourself in new environments and situations (15:40)
  • Decide whether you prefer working in businesses or on them (17:15)
  • Professions like consulting and banking are not good fits for entrepreneurs (18:50)
  • Building a competitor to Amazon in fulfilment and growing it to 80 people (22:00)
  • Exceeding personal capacity limits and burning out (25:00)
  • Matt’s two years rebuilding his health and strength (29:00)
  • How burnout can lead to a dramatically better life (32:40)
  • Daily mindfulness as the key to avoiding and bouncing back from burnout (34:00)
  • Matt realising his genius for helping other businesses grow (35:20)
  • The power in helping people by using what already works (38:30)
  • Dramatically reduce the pressure on yourself by getting the right help (41:00)
  • To break through growth ceilings you must do things differently (43:30)
  • Become unstoppable in business and life by mastering vision, traction, health (45:30)



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